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Windshield Repair

Making certain that your windshield is in place and functioning perfectly is our top priority. The windshield is designed to provide a safe driving environment for you and your passengers.

At Etobicoke Auto Glass, all of our repair technicians will go that extra mile to try and repair the damage to the glass before simply replacing it. Most chips and cracks in the windshield are actually fixable. If the windshield on your vehicle has hail damage, minor cracks, or a stone chip, this does not mean that the entire glass must be replaced. 

These conditions do warrant that a professional inspect and repair them as soon as possible or the issue can get significantly worse each time you drive. Our certified technicians will carefully examine the windshield and make the determination if it is too dangerous to proceed. If we find the glass must be replaced, we promise to get you the lowest price possible on a replacement.

Our trained professionals will closely examine the size of the crack or chip, then determine if a repair will distort the field of vision for the driver. Our technicians go the extra mile and check the polyvinyl butyral (PVB), which is the safety layer holding the glass in place in the event that it shatters during impact.  

At Etobicoke Auto Glass, we guarantee to repair the windshield with high quality materials, provide exceptional workmanship, and offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The safety of you and your passengers is our top priority.

Our trained technicians will provide a free mobile service, driving out to wherever you vehicle is to make the repair. We promise to get you back on the road within the time frame of our estimate.

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